5 Reasons You Should Own a Bicycle

The thrill of riding a bicycle continue in many of us well into adulthood. But unfortunately, many adults ditch the bike for the car as soon as they`re able to drive.

But it’s a real shame for many reasons.

bicycle riding
Guy riding a bicycle on the road. Young cheerful man cycling on the country road, sunny day. Active summer holiday concept.

The advantages of riding a bike are innumerable, but we`ve managed to run them down up to five so that you don`t run out of space.

Here we go.

1) Save Money

Let`s face it, in the current economic conditions no want to pay for gas for their car, but we have to do it.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average gasoline and motor oil consumption of American household for the year 2017 were $1,909 and is expected to rise in the forthcoming years.

With a bike, however, you get to save lots of money since you`ll not need to take the bike for refueling.

Besides oil, the cost of using a vehicle is further underlined by the occasional repairs, insurance, and the skyrocketing cost of parking.

Agreeably, some might argue that you`ll still need to maintain your bike. However, the cost of repairing a car or even the repair parts are by no means comparable to maintaining a bike.

Moreover, if you`re a DIYer, the cost of maintaining a bike yourself is close to free.

2) Fun

Riding is a classic skill that once learned it can never be forgotten.

Many of us, despite our age still look back wistfully on the fond childhood memories of riding around the neighborhood.

We still wish we could be so carefree in the middle of the rigors, and stress of our adulthood.

You ask why?

If you`re a cycling enthusiast, you know that riding a bike is fun, enthralling, and plain simple.

Biking will allow you to integrate the simple feelings of elation into your day to day job, and in effect, it`ll make you feel better, happier and less stressed.

Cycling will allow you to get intimate with the surrounding, observe Mother Nature closely, and even get social with others.

And soon enough, you`ll be longing for your cycling commute and wishing your journey was a bit longer.

3) Fitness

Full body fitness is perhaps the major selling point of riding a bike.

Sure, driving your car will allow you to reach your destination faster, but you`ll be idling in your seat, in spite of your 80mph.

With the increasing number of lifestyle diseases, living a sedentary life is not probably a good idea.

Biking, on the other hand, is a welcome idea that will keep your body full of energy, and boost your overall health.

The health benefits of cycling are immeasurable.

Like running, cycling will allow you to burn calories, but with considerably fewer impact on your joint.

Besides weight loss, riding a bike will improve your cardiovascular health, lower your blood pressure, build your muscles, and improve your coordination.

The benefits of using your bike for your health gain come so easy it almost feels like you`re cheating.

4) Happiness

Biking to work is associated with happiness.

On the other hand, sitting in a jam while navigating a congested city after a long and stressful day is by no means pleasurable.

Cycling to work can be the transformation you need to make your commute into moderate forms of therapy.

Like any other form of exercise, cycling is known to release feel-good hormones, which will make you feel happier, less tensed, alleviate depression, reduce stress and anxiety.

Moreover, the idea of cycling, especially in places with many people and cars has been proven to boost your self-confidence as well as improve on your overall mood.

5) Beat Traffic

If you live in a metropolis, you know that traffic jams are a real nightmare.

In populous cities such as Atlanta, London, or New York, you can spend nearly twice as long as you would do beating traffic.

Given that more than half of the world working population commute five miles or less to their workstations, bicycles can be a more convenient option of beating the traffic jam.

Are you ready to put the pedal to the pavement? Let us know how to ride to work.